Executive Education

At the Strategic Collaborations Unit, we provide specialized courses utilizing case studies, lessons learned, and didactic sessions to develop healthcare leaders.

International Emergency Department Leadership Institute (IEDLI)

IEDLI is an educational program that provides key leadership and administrative skills needed to build and sustain successful emergency departments. The program is sponsored by Brigham and Women’s Hospital, a Harvard Medical School teaching hospital.

Each year, IEDLI holds an in-person conference in a different European city across a seven-day period, with four courses and networking events. Attendees, including emergency department physicians, nurses, and hospital administrators, join from around the world and develop critical leadership skills through interactive workshops, mentoring, and seminars. IEDLI faculty members include senior ED leaders from within the Harvard system and other elite institutes across the globe.


  • Leadership Essentials (5-day course)
  • Certified Emergency Department Executive (3-day course)
  • Continuing Executive Education (2-day course)
  • Designing Tomorrow’s Emergency Department (2-day course)
International Emergency Department Leadership Institute

University of British Columbia-Brigham Emergency Medicine Leadership Fellowship

The University of British Columbia-Brigham Emergency Medicine Leadership Fellowship is a two-year program designed to prepare Emergency Medicine specialists to become experts in healthcare leadership.

A collaboration between the two institutions, this program is open to Emergency Medicine physicians who reside in British Columbia, Canada and leverages the expertise of Mass General Brigham as an academic medical center and as a leader in emergency medicine. Participants gain a broader understanding of health care policy, economics, and delivery systems while developing expertise in care delivery processes, fiscal management, interdepartmental relations, and quality and safety initiatives—both at the department and hospital levels.