Emergency Ultrasound

Many health care organizations lack credentialing programs and support systems for Point of Care Ultrasound (POCUS), which has a negative effect on clinical efficiency, reimbursement, and standardization of care.

The Division of Emergency Ultrasound provides POCUS support services to bridge this gap, greatly improving quality and efficiency of care.

  • Group training modules
  • 1:1 Live and Individualized Coaching
  • Live Skills Assessment for each trainee according to OSCE guidelines
Systems Implementation
  • Workflow development in conjunction with local IT
  • Onsite logistical support
  • Quality Assurance (QA) system set-up
Quality Assurance of Images
  • Review of all generated images, continues for duration of program lifecycle (12 months)

Additional 1:1 support includes on-demand coaching as needed to guide successful program implementation, additional training hours, and customized support based on the user’s needs.


Our Emergency Ultrasound services provide many benefits in quality and efficiency of patient care.

  • Improve time-to-critical diagnoses
  • Develop new clinical professional skills for health care providers
  • Improve patient throughput and satisfaction
  • Increase departmental revenue
Emergency Ultrasound Image


Andrew Goldsmith, MD, MBA

Director of Emergency Ultrasound

Lauren Selame, MD

Director of Ultrasound Education

Chanel Fischetti, MD

Emergency Medicine Attending Physician

Nicole Duggan, MD

Director of Ultrasound Research

For more information on any POCUS or Ultrasound Education Support Services, please contact us.